1. Translations are accepted and will be carried out only upon receipt of a written order confirmation by e-mail or fax.
  2. TRANSLATION STANDARD PAGE: it amounts to 1500 text characters. The count takes into account only the "characters (including spaces)" parameter in the Tools menu, Word count of MS Word 97 / 2000 / 2003.
  3. THE MINIMUM TRANSLATION CHARGE amounts to 1 standard page o1 hour for works paid on a hourly basis.
  4. ADDITIONS, CHANGES OR REVISIONS OF ALREADY FINISHED TRANSLATIONS: after the translation was delivered, any change, addition or revision will be charged as an extra cost depending on the amount of work to be carried out (but not less than the minimum charge).
  5. TRANSLATION OF FILES WITH A DEFINITE LAYOUT: we reserve the right to apply an extra charge, depending on the difficulty of working into the layout, to be specified in every single case.
  6. URGENT TRANSLATION: if translations are required for urgent delivery we reserve the right to apply a 30% extra charge.
  7. Tariffs are fixed and do not vary according to their subject matter.
  1. Interpreting services will be provided only upon receipt of a written order confirmation by e-mail or fax.
  2. We will charge the time of staying at the customer's. Even waiting or idle time will be charged at our full working rate.
  4. MAXIMUM DURATION: 8 hrs at basis rate. 9-th and 10-th hour: +30%. Following hours: + 50%.
  5. REST DAYS: work on rest days (Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays) will be charged with a 30% extra cost.
  6. The indicated charges do not include travel costs, food and accommodation. Any expenses born in connection with the job are to be immediately refunded.
  7. In case we use our transport, we will charge the current ACI rates.
  1. All indicated charges do not include VAT (if applicable), tax withholding (RDA) and in-payments to social security programmes according to art. 2, par. 26 of Italian aw 335/95 and subsequent modifications.
  2. Terms for corporate persons: bank transfer in 30 days after date of the invoice.
    Terms for Italian physical persons, and also for corporate and physical persons based outside Italy: bank or postal order before handing in the translation.
  3. In case of extensive translations we will agree an instalment payment system.